This document is missing some advanced time saving features. Someday I will update this.

First I will point out that all objects can be dragged around with the mouse. If you stack numbered items on each other they combine. And clicking on any object with the left mouse button gives you a menu of options like adding or subtracting from the quantity of a resource or splitting one resource off, etc. (Note: Objects can not be dragged from one window to another but there is always an option on the dropdown menu to do so). If you need something like a stable or extra wood that is not already in a window for you, click the window where you want to place it and hit the corresponding keyboard key. The list of keyboard keys is displayed on the Game Board below the player names. At any time you can click on a window and hit the + or Ė key (< and > also) to zoom in and out.

How to Complete Your Turn:
1. The Status and Main Button will show what you should be doing. Unless it says NOW WAIT or WATCHING, there is something you should be doing. When it says BEGIN TURN, thatís your time to start your turn and you do that by clicking BEGIN TURN. If it says NEW ROUND, click it. It will begin a new round, and then it will say BEGIN TURN.
2. Begin your turn by clicking the BEGIN TURN (Status / Main Button). This will move one of your farmers off Your Farm and onto the Game Board.
3. Drag and drop your farmer onto your action selection.

4. Except for the Starting Player action, nothing is automatic and you must carry out all actions of moving and creating stuff yourself. Here are some examplanations:

Build Room and/or Build Stables: After placing your peep on the action space, you must build the rooms and stables and deduct the cost in wood and reed yourself. To build a room, click on your farm and hit the [d] key for a wood hut. To build a stable, click on your farm and hit the [b] key. To deduct the cost in wood, click on your wood and select -3, then again with -2, etc. To deduct reed, click reed and select -2.

Starting Player and Minor Improvement: You do not need to do anything to claim starting player, this will be done automatically. To play a minor improvement, click on the card in your hand and choose Play/Farm from the drop down menu. Next pay the resources by click the appropriate goods on your farm and choosing -2, etc from the menu. If the card asks you to pass it to the next person, then click on the card and choose To Board. The card will be placed on the board and the other player can pull it off the board.

Take Grain or Plow Field or Day Laborer: After placing your peep, click Your Farm and hit [g], [i], or [f] respectively. That will generate the necessary item and put it on Your Farm.
Occupation: Place peep, then click the card from your hand and choose Play/Farm.
Take 3 Wood or Take Clay or Take Reed or Fishing: After placing your peep, click the wood (or clay, or reed, or food )on the space and choose Take. That will send it to Your Farm.

Renovate: By clicking on your old hut you can choose a new material from the drop down menu.

Sow and/or Bake: Choose 'sow' from a vegatable's or grain's drop down menu. Alternatively, you can choose split from the menu of your grain. That will break one off. Drag it onto your field and then choose +2 from its menu. Repeat for all your fields. Bake by choosing -1 from grain menu and hitting [f] as many times as food you want.

Major or Minor Improvement: Click the card and choose Play/Farm. If the card asks you to pass it to the next person, then click on the card and choose To Board. The card will be placed on the board and the other player can pull it off the board.
Sheep or Boar or Cattle: Click animal and choose Take
Fences: Click your farm, then move your mouse over the location you want a fence and hit [z]. The computer will place the correct fence in position. Alternatively, you can hit [n] for horizontal fence piece and [m] for vertical piece and then drag into position. Next pay be clicking wood and selecting -2, etc.
Family Growth: After placing your peep on the growth action space, click on that peep and select Split, this will generate an offspring.

5. The next step of your turn is to click END TURN. However, it is important to carry out creating new items, moving them into position, etc. before hitting END TURN. Hitting end turn is the only time that the new state of Your Farm and current Game Board is sent to all the players. Therefore if you donít build your fences before clicking, then your opponents cannot see where you built them until you hit END TURN on your next turn. The exception is that on the Game Board there is a button [Send Farm] that can send Your Farm at any time to everyone. So, if you change Your Farm in an important way while you are waiting on anothers turn, hit [Send Farm]