Hello, welcome to Play-Agricola.com!

The twenty games available to play here are twenty actual board games that I purchased in San Diego, California. After purchasing the games, I scanned the pieces and instructions. The actual games were put in storage not to be used. Instead of using the actual games, I use the digitalized copies here. That is why only twenty games can be played at once and nothing can be downloaded and printed.

The physical board game is copyrighted (2007) by Lookout Games. The English language publisher, Z-Man Games, Inc. holds copyrights (2008) also. The board game was designed by Uwe Rosenberg. It is illegal to download, reuse, or print any material off of this website without written permission from Lookout Games, Z-Man Games, Inc., and other involved persons.

As long as no one is already using it, you are welcome to borrow and play with one of my board games. My name is Chris Deotte and my email is cdeotte@ucsd.edu

If you have a good time on this site, consider making a donation to support my efforts. Donate Here.  I am gratful to everyone involved in making Agricola available. It's a great game, ENJOY!